SPectacle | Where your Talents are Seen

New York City | 2017

Spectacle|Where Your Talents Are Seen is a conceptualized story tale campaign to hone in on individuals who aid culture with their natural talents with a featured focus on eyewear fashion Barton Perreira. MODALEW discovered two individuals Ashley Wells and Sekani Radellant; who both possessed a creative remedy to aid in culture development through expertise in redefining confidence and promoting individuality.


New York City | 2016

#PhotographySpeaks is a visual story tale which aims to examine how culture and environmental aesthetic each play a role in art and creativity. While also delving into the individual perspectives of Jeremy M. Green & Jeary Sylves through the use of imagery and words as they each shape unique narratives of Harlem and Brooklyn as they see it.


Moscow, Russia | 2016

MODALEW had the opportunity to partner up with John Varvatos on a race to open a retail space in Moscow, Russia with only 24hrs. The campaign was called #JVonTour. The goal was simple "experience culture and aesthetics". MODALEW delivered insight to activate and launch the social platform of SnapChat to give fans a true behind the scenes of man of the brand; Mr. John Varvatos himself. 

Modalew: #APersonalperspective

New York City | 2016

MODALEW featured David "D Lew" Lewis the founder of MODALEW at XY Atelier Gallery. This unique exhibition was a 'Personal Perspective Installation' with his appreciation for photography and graphic design. Simultaneously celebrating our founder's birthday with work from his personal portfolio and champagne toast from Moët & Chandon.

#Aphotographyexperience Vol. 1

New York City | 2015

MODALEW featured D'Lord's photography career at Umbrella Studios. This was D'Lord's first exhibition showcasing the growth and vision of his photography portfolio. D'Lord specifically categorized this display from his personal selection. This collaboration between MODALEW and D'Lord signified a milestone for D'Lord's career with specialty D'usse cocktails. 


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